Anjula Mutanda is a highly respected relationship and clinical therapist, mental health expert, psychologist, presenter, author, social scientist, and media consultant.

Most recently, Anjula presented Sextape, a major groundbreaking 4 part relationship series on Channel 4. The much talked about series garnered huge media interest, discussions on social media and provided many water cooler moments. The show involved three couples per episode discussing all areas of their relationship including their intimate moments, and shared this with Anjula and the rest of the contributors. With Anjula’s support, guidance and feedback, the couples were able to open up to each other, gain insights, and make positive changes to improve their relationships.

Anjula was the behavioural expert on season 2 of Make or Break (My5 April 2019). Filmed on a beautiful Caribbean Island, this exciting 10 part series sees 8 couples put through a wide range of relationships challenges. Through a series of expert led exercises, the couples were faced with an ultimate decision – will they Make or Break?

Having contributed to a successful season 2, Anjula continued as the resident behavioural expert on Fights Camera Action season 3 and most recently season 4 for Paramount – an eye opening series that looked at angry behaviour across the globe. Anjula explored and explained the motivations behind often outrageous outbursts that some people display when angry.

Anjula was the resident psychologist on 50 Ways to Kill your Lover, showing both in the U.K and the U.S (U.S version called How Not to Kill Your husband) – an eight-part series where she gave her forensic relationship analysis on complex cases. This series aired in the UK and US in 2014 on CI and ID channels. It was the number 1 rated show on the ID channel in the U.S. Due to the success of the show, Anjula was invited back to reprise her role for season 2 which is currently airing in the U.S.

Anjula contributed as resident expert psychologist on the series, Autopsy – The Last Hours… for several series which aired on Channel 5 UK, Channel 7 Australia & E! and Reelz in the US, giving her analysis on celebrity case studies.

She was the resident psychologist on a 10 part series for Fox TV entitled, Man-Up. This unique series aired in 2014 and put men and their relationship issues under the microscope in order to help them ditch unhelpful behaviour and get the life that they want.

She has also fronted a variety of cutting edges series such as, My Naked Secret, a 12 part series for Discovery Worldwide and TLC, where she showcased her skills at working with people’s emotional issues surrounding their self-image and How to Have Sex After Marriage for Five, a ground breaking series that helped couples work to improve their emotional and sexual communication. Before this, she fronted BBC1’s primetime series Family Contract in which she helped families to reduce conflict within the family and live more harmoniously.

Anjula co-presented Sky 1’s popular prime-time series Body Language Secrets. This series covered topics from: love, lying, and power, to selling, attraction, and humour. The programme showed her ability as an interviewer and communicator to translate complex psychological concepts into accessible everyday language. She was also co-anchor for two series of Channel 5’s Doctor Doctor, alongside Dr Phil Hammond and Dr Mark Porter and the expert phobia psychologist on Feel the Fear for CITV, working alongside Holly Willoughby, commenting on a range of challenging subjects and helping children understand how to overcome irrational fears.

Anjula is regularly invited to contribute to a wide range of documentaries. She has appeared on ITV1’s Tonight programme, working on a range of issues from: Dying to be Thin, a documentary which examined body image to more recently a documentary about Prince Harry- ahead of the Royal wedding. She has also contributed to other documentaries including, The Davina Hour on W- exploring Friendship, Celebrity Botched up Bodies Channel 5 (series 1 and 2), The Truth about Beauty (UKTV Style) and Celebrity Yo-Yo Dieters (Living) to name but a few.

She makes regular guest appearances on programmes such as: Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, BBC Breakfast, and The Alan Titchmarsh Show. She was the resident psychologist on ITV`s This Morning for over five years, and continues to contribute to the show. She has also appeared on BBC1’s The One Show.

Anjula has been invited to be resident Agony Aunt for several publications, including Reveal, Grazia and Top Sante and is regularly asked to contribute to lifestyle magazines including: Psychologies, Woman, Take a Break, Cosmopolitan, Fabulous, Grazia and Glamour. She also contributes to The Times, Guardian, The Sun, and The Mirror.

Anjula also regularly appears on a variety of radio discussion shows, including Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

Her first self-help book entitled; “Celebrity Life Laundry”, was published by John Blake Publishing in 2007 and her second self-help book entitled; “How to do Relationships”, was published by Vermillion in 2013 which she wrote for RELATE, the number 1 relationship charity.

Anjula is Vice President for RELATE, and has worked alongside Ruby Wax and Prof Tanya Byron to represent the brand. She is also the Media and Diversity ambassador for The National Counselling Society.

Described as a relatable warm and disarming interviewer, Anjula has also hosted Relate conferences where she has interviewed the likes of Alain de Botton and Ruby Wax.

She is regularly invited to be a spokesperson and consultant for PR companies when they require a specialist expert for their brand campaigns for companies like TK Maxx, Garnier, Sure, Sainsbury, Kleenex, Tango, Pass on Plastic, Speedo, California Almonds and Jackpot Joy to name but a few.

Anjula is a senior practitioner and holds the status of MBACP. She is registered with The British association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the NCS where she is a Fellow. She is also qualified in treating post-traumatic stress, couples counselling, anger management, as well as cognitive behavioural coaching. She has a background in work-place and organisational psychology, outplacement and Stress management Consultancy as well as previously being Director of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.